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God’s Original Diet

The Spiritual Way to Health

In God’s Original Diet, you will learn the “life-giving” foods to eat and the “dead” foods to avoid.  You learn important information about major diseases and how what you eat contributes to the formation of illness and disease.  Dr. Hill even gives you a list of foods to eat, better food substitutes, and an easy to follow meal plan.

Did You Know

1.The sulfur in soda's dissolve battery acid- If sodas dissolve battery acid imagine what it does to your liver and kidneys. Page 27

4. Pomegranates help fight against gout Page 46

God’s Health Care Plan

A Biblical Approach To Health

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    Life-giving foods to eat.
    Better food substitutes.
    Easy to follow meal plan

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  • Food For Thought

    Americans spend 2.4 Trillion Dollars a year on health care, yet the infustry can’t heal us. In many cases it shortens our lives, and all in the name of profit.

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  • Did You Know

    1. Most vaccines have formaldehyde (a preservate) and aluminum in them which can be cancerous. page 11

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